IBEW International Bowling Tour.
Annual Meeting (Friday Night Captain Meeting)

By Vote the 2018 Tournament wasn't awarded none was submitted

4. 2018 Site is unknown that this time.
By Vote the 2017 Tournament wasn't awarded none was submitted
1. Tournament Fee was raised to $3.00
2. Captain Meeting report to be posted on website
3. USBC lower Sanction for those that aren't sanction to $10.00

4. 2016 Site is unknown that this time.
By Vote the 2016 Tournament wasn't awarded none was submitted
1. By a meeting of the IBEW Tournament Committee, The Friday Night IBEWBowl.com Tournament will no longer except walk-ins. The Host Local can set a cut off of Thursday Midnight before or 4pm on Friday to except any more entries.
2. Rings Award by USBC for 300 & 800 that are not awarded by USBC because bowler has already earned their once in a life time one from USBC. The IBEW Tournament will purchase a basic ring, the bowl may upgrade the ring at there expense.
3.A list of years bowled in the IBEW International Tournament (it's bowler responsibly to give Larry the number they have bowled)

All Bowlers must be sanction USBC/ CTF Members
If you sanction at Tournament cost is $21.00 good till 7/31 of that year.
Tournament Entertainment fee is now $60.00/ Total Tournament Fee $145.00
 By vote the 2015 Tournament was awarded to L.U. 58 Detroit, MI


Tournament Averages are now in this order

1. Bowlers shall use their HIGHEST USBC/ CTF previous season final average based on 21 or more games.(Summer or Winter)
2. IBEW bowlers with no previous average may use their highest average as of January 1 (21 game minimum).
If this method is used the secretary of the league must certify averages involved.
3. Bowlers who have no average in accordance with the above rules, will use their IBEW International Tournament Average (9 game minimum)
4. If still no average they must use 170 scratch as their entering average. 

CTF Bowlers must submit a Average verification from their League Secretary


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