6/11/2020-Google Calendar was added if you use google calendar, if you select the + in bottom right corner of
                calendar you can add the IBEW calendar to your Google Calendar.

5/28/2020 Dates change for the 2021 tour forms updated
3/29/2020 The 2020 Tournament has been canceled
1/19/2020 Entry Form added and Ad form
1/16/2020 Remove non-block Hotel Rooms
12/2/2019 Website Updated
8/20/19 Un-Cashed Checks Posted
6/25/19 Offical Results Posted
6/13/19 Un Offical Results Posted
6/1/2019 Add Bus Schedule and Welcome Letter.
5/31/19 Averages Updated
5/27/2019 Lane Assignments and Averages Posted
5/10/19 Welcome Letter added
1/14/19 Main Entry Form Posted
1/4/19 Hotel information updated
12/30/18Update site,
6/24/18 Sunday Team and Doubles Brackets added on 2018 Results page
6/2/18 Update site added Demo day filer
5/28/18 Tournament Averages updated Team Lane assignments and Bowlers update for Friday Night
5/8/18 Add Map from Hotel to Bowling Centers
2/1/2018 Ad and Welcome letter added
1/26/18 Entry form added
10/15/17 Outstanding Checks updated
10/15/17 2019 Tournament awarded
7/28/17 2018 Information added
7/9/17 Checks In mail
7/6/17 Website working with right url
7/3/17 73rd Results Posted
6/12/17  misc. updates
5/17/17 Reloaded main web page
4/20/2017 Added Pay Pal
1/29/17 Main Entry Form is now online
1/19/17 Adding some 2017 forms
9/8/2016 Out standing checks Posted
8/20/16 2017 Tournament has been awarded
6/26/2016 Un-official Results posted
6/18/16 Update Facebook and add 2017, 18 stuff
6/2/2016 Added Email Blast Pages
5/18/16 Added Local Information on 2016_ibew_bowlingsite
5/14/2016 Added Map of Casino Layout were all our events take place
5/1/2016 2016 Tournament Results page added (updated with Lane assignments)
4/23/16 add in Past tournament Information "Past Tournament Logo's"
4/21/16 2016 Tournament Average Posted
4/16/16 Added Online Payment Store
3/26/16 Added room block info
1/4/16 Updated Tournament History
12/27/15 Release 2016 Tournament Information
12/18/15 Get things ready to go with new location in Las Vegas waiting on Hotel Code
11/22/15 Tournament still on Hold at this location
8/26/15 Un-Cashed updated & added sign up help for Vegas Tournament
8/13/15 Un-Cashed updated
8/3/15 2016 Site and contacts updated
8/1/15 un-cashed check posted
7/11/15 #of checks cashed
6/20/15 Tournament Official, General website maintenance
6/11/15 71st Tournament Results posted
5/30/15 Update center used and post squad times and list
5/23/15 Added IBEW Bowl Year Book (Looking for bowlers to update the number of years they have bowled in tournament.)
3/26/15 Tournament records and history Updated
3/17/15 Update Hotel information , fixed Advertisement form not showing up
2/10/15 Add Airport information change Team event Center
1/25/15 Bowl.com entry added
1/23/15 2015 Tournament entry form added
12/28/14 Clean up website remove 2014 stuff
9/3/14 Updated un-cashed checks
8/21/14 Updated Un-cashed checks, Add New singles High Score
8/2/14 Un cashed checks posted
7/12/14 Updated missing All Events Bowlers
6/22/14 2014 Tour Results Posted
6/9/2014 Friday Captain Meeting information added
6/4/14 Lan Assignments now on Line
6/1/14 cleaning up getting ready for 2014 Tour
3/18/14 2013 Tournament History Added
2/4/14 Ad & Welcome letter added
1/7/14 Friday Night IBEW Bowl online added
8/7/13 Un-cash check list updated
8/1/13 Un-cash check list posted
7/13/13 Adding On-Line entry for 2014 and cleaning up site
6/26/13 Checks mailed out
6/12/13 Prize list Winners posted Annual Meeting report added to website
6/9/13 2013 Prize List, New Doubles Tour Record Posted.
6/6/13 Tournament Results Posted
6/5/13 Update website
5/30/2013 Add Bus Schedule
5/29/13 Update lane assignments
5/22/13 Lane Assignment, Proposed Prize list are posted. Online Friday entry posted that can be submitted online
5/19/13 Clean up
5/9/13 Tournament Certification Number Updated
5/1/13 Added Hilton Garden Hotel information
4/25/13 Update Sheraton Hotel Information
2/20/13 Added Friday entry form
2/18/13 Advisement added & Welcome Letter
2/5/13 Maps added
1/24/13 Update Site Added 2013 Entry Forms